Friday, September 15, 2017

Penelope Bianchi: Garden Template

Concise architecture, verdant vining vertical lawn, primitive shutters, hi Victorian crenelated benches, potted plantings, no foundation plantings, gravel to the house, diminutive light above the door, the pair of poodles in welcome, no lions here, rich restraint, you have me at first glance.
At a jobsite yesterday, this garden, below, in my head.  A more formal vernacular French, yet it will be lapping gravel to the house, potted plants, benches against the home, and vine on the home.  

TG interiors: A Day with Penelope Bianchi....
Pic, above, here.
Client hired me in an emergency.  Angst in her voice at the first phone call.  She had purchased a new smokehouse made to historic templates, and it was arriving in 2 weeks.  Where to place it?  Going full French, by request, I knew exactly where to place it.  Bless & grace in historic Garden Design 'rules'.  Zero fear siting her new 'toy'.  More, she wanted it sited at the edge of their new potager and orchard.  Delightful, the more constraints a garden has, the easier to design.
Her husband is a garden zealot also, but the poor dear man travels like the wind across the globe for his career.  He had to trust what we were doing with the smokehouse.  Cannot imagine what that felt like for him.  We knew to get the smokehouse right, it must also make him beyond happy when he returned.
Better than siting the smokehouse correctly, we got something larger.  A garden will inform you when it's pleased.  Their garden said something quite nice, a huge double check.  Approaching their home, from the main approach to the front door, and from a slight angle, as above, it's a Money Shot.
Wildly excited at this discovery, I told the client right away.  When she saw it, she called her husband right away.  Once he got home, it was obvious to him too.  Three garden nerds in a pod.  High-fiving our Money Shot.
Meeting with the grading contractor at their site today.  They've got grading, and oodles of other necessities ahead of photography.  You can be sure, their before/after, will include this photo, above.
Why?  Once you get the memo about Historic Garden Design Rules, you'll be using them too, they're for every site.  Promise.
Garden & Be Well,    XO T
I love Penelope Bianchi's garden.  Heart-on-my-sleeve, LOVE.  More pics of her garden here.  Penelope Bianchi's website, here.  Somehow, before internet, social media, love for Penelope Bianchi's garden arrived in a magazine article.  Years pass, blogging etc arrives, and now I love Penelope too, the person, and her garden.  Penelope's interior design and gardens must be imprinted onto your skillset templates.  Consider this your best homework assignment ever.    


Penelope Bianchi said...

Oh Tara!
I am choked up! What a lovely post! Thank you so much! And I feel like we have known each other in another life!
The first time I read your blog; I was struck by how we think alike! Lucky, aren't we??

I am so so complimented; I respect your ideas and your taste and your talent with all my heart!

I was so happy to hear about your chickens being safe! (And you two, and your almond trees!)

"Chicken intuitive" Another feather in your cap! I cannot wait to see the smokehouse! (I have to google it!"

La Contessa said...

Met PENELOPE through her BLOG!She lived close to my AUNT!
YOU should the INSIDE!!!!!!!
When are you coming out WEST...........????
This could be your guest house too a place to stay and see the chicks upon awakening!

Karen said...

What an absolutely amazing home! I'd love to be a little shadow of her and follow her around to see how she does it. One thing that really grabbed my attention was the series of paintings of Adam and Eve. They are absolutely stunning on a wall. Do you know the artist? Or could you find out who it is? I've googled the photo you zoomed in on and nothing comes up. Thank you so much for this lovely tour. I will be reading her blog. The video was very good.

sandy lu said...

Plz... Post pic of new/old smokehouse! Mine needs TLC!

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Penelope Bianchi said...

For Karen!

Thank you so much! those are copper engravings from the 19th century.....(good eye!) I purchased from John Rosselli years ago. They are indeed, the story of Adam and Eve! Bravo!
How lovely you noticed...and I love that you love my house and garden!
Thank you, Tara!!!

Penelope Bianchi said...

Yes, are invited anytime to stay in my guest house!!!