Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Often when I'm hired, during the initial phone conversation, a client will say, I hate coming home. A sentiment understood. I, too, used to hate coming home. What changed? Jung, Life is about getting our outside to match our inside.
It's literal & metaphorical.
CHOOSE TO LIVE A CERTAIN WAY. Garden & home flowing in a Vanishing Threshold of beauty-energy-grace with life.
Above, so rare. A magazine shot of an interior in vanishing threshold with its landscape. Peek out windows & doors of interior magazine shoots. Closely. You'll notice they've airbrushed the outside view.
Vanishing Threshold begins in thought, then inside your home, then outside in the landscape. In that order.
Landscapes begin inside the home. Not outside.
Photo, above, is a masters class in Vanishing Threshold. It didn't happen by accident. The owner CHOSE to make it happen. Why don't you?
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Thank you La Dolce Vita for posting this pic from Traditional Home.


Ewa said...

This is so much true. If inside is matching outside we feel harmony - then we go further and meake inside of the house matching the garden - its a lifetime project.

Things That Inspire said...

Lovely, inspirational picture. This really rings a bell for me. I hate wood decks - HATE THEM - possibly because it is all but impossible to create a vanishing threshold with an ugly wood deck. Do you think a walk out back yard is necessary for this? I have a preference for an walk out backyard, which is not a given in Atlanta (Buckhead) given the hilly topography.

If you have a moment, please check out my post on a house on King Rd:

I didn't focus my pictures on the flow between the inside and the outside, although it was very good. The architect had created good positive space outdoors, in the form of a beautiful courtyard in the back, and a pool area; in the front, he created a lovely guest parking court to encourage (or force) guests to enter through the front door. It was magnificent.

Maria Killam said...

OMG a blog this awesome should definitely be on my blogroll (can you add me to yours if you feel so inclined once you get there?) I simply adore this post and I look forward to more (and getting to know your blog). Here from Things that Inspire, one of my favourite blogs in the blogosphere!!

Lauren said...

coming over from Things That Inspire & am so glad that I did... This post definitely gets me thinking & very aware of how much work i have yet to do!!! ;)

I'll be back!!!