Thursday, April 18, 2019

A (BETTER) New Way: Outdoor Container Plantings

Traditional container gardening met Deborah Silver, Dirt Simple.  In an act of agape love, traditional container gardens said, Bring it On !!  It was time.  Cliche, trite, uninspired one of many trinities describing traditional container gardens.
With that agape love, and great skill, Deborah looked at traditional container gardens with a floral designers eye.  The entire silhouette from bottom of pot, sides of pot, rim of pot, plantings at pot rim, how the plantings taper upward away from the pot and the scale of width and height to pot, plinth, plantings, house, garden, sky.  Within the silhouette Deborah had a new vision for specific plantings, their texture, color, form, no holds barred.

Dirt Simple | Gardening and Landscape Blog by Deborah Silver From Better homes and Gardens.  Many beautiful wreaths!

Once I saw Deborah's container plantings, it was immediate love.  With immediate passing of old ways.

white container plantings- creeping jenny, white petunia, white angelonia dirt simple by deborah silver

At change of seasons I always head to Deborah Silver's blog, wanting to see her latest planting/pot arrangements.  Years of this, never disappointed.

Dirt Simple | Gardening and Landscape Blog by Deborah Silver

In Deborah's latest post she refers to her tallest container planting layer as, Farmed Twigs.  Big day, learning a new gardening term.

Detroit Garden Works l Deborah Silver, fall container, ornamentals, tall container

Love a new style not needing a 'class'.  See it, do it.

Love fall containers                                                       …

Notice the plinths Deborah chooses for her pots.  Not merely getting the pots to the right height, they accentuate the silhouette.
Deborah's pots aren't container gardening, but arrangements, changing the container gardening genre.
Garden & Be Well,    XO Tara
Agape love?  I bow down to Deborah's skill, and give great good thanks.  Seems so simple seeing her work, yet, no one else thought of it in several centuries.
All pics from Deborah's website via Pinterest.


La Contessa said...

I wonder how long will they last........DAYS, WEEKS or MONTHS being outside in the elements?

Penelope Bianchi said...

Deborah is a total genius. I have followed her for years. I cannot even wrap my mind around the winters there. She creates magnificent pots and urns that stand up to that winter in the most beautiful way!

Bravo for you to showcase this genius in the middle of the midwest with freezing temperatures......she makes nature show in the freeze!!!

Bravo to both of you!