Saturday, June 25, 2016

Too Much Wind

A single client, in decades, with consistent much too amazing winds.
We've been in our ca. 1900 American farmhouse a year.  Twenty miles from windy client, it's not far enough.  Lifetime first, living in a windy location.  A new realm to conquer.
We've added a deck the full width of the house, at the back, overlooking meadow, lake, woods, Milky Way, fireflies, chickens, potager, Beloved's office shed, my garden shed.  Too many days, the deck is not usable, wind.
Luckily the winds have a predominate direction.  We are impatient, an evergreen hedge may be planted too, but we are not depending upon it as a sole solution, too slow.
My shed has a deep/long covered porch at front/back.  Have already had many lunches/dinners inside my shed, too windy outside.
The shed has a simpler solution for wind, using a rolling barn door front/back against the prevailing winds.
Still awaiting the perfect wind fix for the deck.  Shutters keep topping the discussions.  Framed, for strength, by adding an arbor too.

Shutter Doors:

Pic, above, here.
Weekly, I anthropomorphize the winds.  They laugh at me.  Literally, the wind is a boss.  About every 4-5 days, on the deck & front porch,  I have to wipe sills & tabletops, their thick coating of dirt/dust/grit bondoed with pollens.  Without the cleaning I'm sure pecan & pine tree seedlings would grow upon them within 6 weeks.
Garden & Be Well,    XO Tara
Off topic, great detail for color & painting, above.  Painted risers, very nice.  Lighting, ceiling fan, furniture, well done.


Sindy said...

Tara! We sold our home in San Diego when my husband retired and moved to the mountains of North Eastern Arizona. What a change. Prevailing winds blowing a gale far too much of the time--who knew? How to deal with it so that we can enjoy being outside is a mystery to me. I was thinking of shutter type wind breaks placed at strategic points to kind of funnel the wind away from our deck. I tried potted trees, but the wind just took them for a ride. Our land is very rocky and it's hard to get trees to take root. Sigh. Anywho, I hope you post again about your progress with this issue! Following you on Pinterest--love your pins.

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