Thursday, September 3, 2015

Vanishing Threshold: Looking into Roger Hazard's Windows

Junior high through high school I was on my bike after doing dinner dishes.  Stay at the house with both parents home?  On my bike, gone.  We lived in a beautiful neighborhood surrounded by Galveston Bay, marsh, a salt water lake, Clear Creek, and plenty of palm trees.
Instead of getting out of my parent's house the rides became a choice for their joy of solitude, learning I do my best thinking exercising & sweating.  College was 4 more years of biking, those years in Dallas, TX, a several mile radius from campus, SMU.  Had my own car in college but it was most common I would turn down social invites, saying I had plans, and head off on my bike, alone.
Now, I design views into homes from gardens.  This zone I have no name for but call, Vanishing Threshold.
It's rare to come across Vanishing Threshold in any article, much less 3 Oscar worthy shots.  Roger Hazard is the winner, and it seems his dog, & partner too.
Enjoy, but enjoy with a purpose.  What can you do to create beautiful, warm, inviting views into your home, from the garden?

window boxes filled with pink flowers

 Pink door and pink flowers in windowbox

dog Buck in window

Garden photographers, too often, overlook this zone, Vanishing Threshold.
More about this house/garden, HERE.
Garden & Be Well,   XO Tara
Pics via Hooked on Houses from Roger's website.


Dewena said...

Such a visual treat following your links and seeing more of this house, and as always your vanishing threshold labels are wonderful. It is so much fun to walk or drive by homes at dusk that are warmly lit up inside. I love to snoop!

Lori Buff said...

That looks so warm and inviting, it makes me believe there will be good books and good conversations inside.

Chris said...

Thank you for your kind words about these photos! I agree with you that the transition between exterior and interior spaces is one of the more interesting parts of a home. We live in this house with the windows and doors open so much (no A/C) that I'm perhaps more aware of it than in other houses. On our site in the kitchen section there are a couple shots that look inside out but with a similar objective.

Thanks again!