Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bruce Barone: Picture Poems

Bruce Barone, professional photographer, is fearless.  His self-portraits in the garden are picture poems.  

More, he has made them a series.  First glance, mundane.  Second glance, entire worlds.

Seems easy, his self-portraits.  Closer inspection, he's at the peak of his game.

I perused a thick Annie Leibovitz book at a friend's home when I spent the night and came away thinking her work, in that book, was cliched & derivative.  Her initial inspiration was alive, the derivatives, lifeless.

Bruce has the spirit of his heart, with the skill of his brain, in each picture.

In addition to fearless, I see the generosity in what he shares with us.

Of course he has a broad pallet,   New Photography   Blog   Poetry   Bruce's Kitchen   About   Contact   Prints   Greeting Cards .  

This is not an ad for Bruce Barone.
Simple thanks for the enjoyment his work brings my heart.
Garden & Be Well,    XO Tara
Pics from Bruce's Facebook page.


Lori Buff said...

Being an artist is similar to being a duck. You may look like you're simply gliding easily above the surface but underneath a lot is going on. Bruce's work seems to reflect this.

Kathy said...

Love picture 3, BRuces dog is smiling in the selfie just as nicely as Bruce. Wonderful!

Your blog makes my day, daily!

Divine Theatre said...

His humble demeanor belies his talent.



Lydia said...

Thank you for sharing.

La Contessa said...

So, is BRUCEY!!