Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Penelope Bianchi: Interiors & Gardens

With heart-on-my-sleeve, & happy obligation, pro bono is done each year, and making my voice heard by our state's largest trade group.  'Voice' was asked to lecture this month about Social Media.  Oops, there is a price for 'voice' being heard.  

Too many in my industry are not using Social Media's platform.

Owning every room I lecture in, props are set.  I do 100's of acres, what is a mere room?  Setting one of my journals down I had a 'moment'.  Miss Confidence, yes Puppet Barbuda, with less than 60 seconds to start, saw, above, pages from an old journal.

My journals make my eyes, brain, & soul HAPPY.  They have pages of beloved words, below.

These pages, below, delayed my lecture.  And changed how it began.

Journal was haphazardly opened to these pages created years ago of a home/garden.  Though busy, my eyes were drawn into stunned revelation.
This is Penelope Bianchi's garden, above.  I had torn, squished, watered, dried, flattened, taped, written happy words with Penelope's garden.  Into my journal.  Moons ago.
Puppet Barbuda honors few gardens in this manner.
How is it possible in this huge world of peoples, distances, time I fell in love with a person's garden, & Providence conspired for me to meet the person, fall in love with her, and only then realize I loved her garden before I loved her?
Go to Penelope's garden, here, and you will fall in love too.
Garden & Be Well,   XO Tara
top pic Penelope's garden, other pics from my journal.  My journals are a secret weapon for serenity & hearing grace.
Penelope, You must know this experience made me, literally, woozy when it happened.  Everything you write to me about my work was mentored by Mary Kistner into my quiver of knowledge.  She's been gone for a decade, I miss her so, and yet I've met 1 person who embodies all that she was.  You.  I love you Penelope.     XO T


Phyllis Trevor Higgerson, Henhurst said...

A beautiful tribute!

Cindy at enclos*ure said...

Funny the importance of social media (all our electronic devices), yet pen, notebook, glue or tape remain (most) essential.

Happy holidays!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I to meet Penelope and feel in love with her and her garden....she sent me your blog and I loved this post. Very fun.....

Velvet and Linen said...

A heartfelt post!

Every time I visit Penny's home I feel like crying. It is such an emotional experience. Your notebook charmingly captures what Penny has created.

You two are definitely soul sisters!

Happy Holidays, Tara.