Monday, January 27, 2014

Every Garden Needs the Tall Cone Shape

Every garden needs a tall cone shape to draw eyes to the sky.

Can't remember which symposium lecturer said this but knew immediately it was true.  And, more, how do you know WHERE to put this tall cone shape?

For years I asked other garden designers how they knew where to put this piece of magic.
None could put it into words.
Ironically, I do know where to put tall cone shapes now.
Yet have no words to describe the process.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Pics at jobsite this month.  Italian cypress framing the Long Barn and pastures.
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Mona said...

Tara, I love your blog.. I just got most of your books from our library and if we have snow tomorrow, I will just spend the day dreaming and reading your books..
maybe one day, I will be able to have you come help with my landscape...

La Contessa said...

I have that tall cone shape here at my house!It came with the house.My Italian husband wanted to take it out!I said,"NO!"in Italy an ITALIAN CYPRESS means WELCOME………..I like that and it has stayed and grown and grown.
As for the location……..I agree with you Tara..intuition is key!

Tara Dillard said...

Contessa, I should have added the Italian cypress in the pic is newly planted. Cannot wait for it to grow-grow-grow.

Mona, you are gardening. All gardens begin in the imagination.


Renae Moore said...

I'll have to think of just the right place to put one of these! I rearranged my bookshelves in my family room and your 'Beautiful by Design' sits right on top of a stack of some of my fave design books!

Jacinta Arnold said...

Just pulled out some spider plants (Hymenocallis) abutting my house adjacent to my lawn courtyard. Strappy, but become worm infested every year (Aghrrr). Follow your blog and am filling in the garden bed and extending the lawn. Thank you for all of the photos and advice. I feel calm about the decision and cant wait to complete the task. Jacinta in Brisbane Australia.

Anonymous said...

You paid attention! I remember the look on your face and Penny's when I said that in my presentation on 'Shapes In The Landscape'

You have, over the years enriched my knowledge base and I am so happy to reciprocate.

These shapes are best used as punctuation points and to break large horizontal areas.

Intuition works too. So much in the garden is emotion!

Love you girl!