Friday, January 24, 2014

The Proper Direction of Stewardship in a Garden

"We discover G*d's presence inside whenever we override our ego's pride and courageously put aside all that we hide."  Rabbi David Aaron

From the mailbox & gravel drive, above, my best work begins.  
Getting here was decades.  Learning simplicity & the humility to let the site speak without reference to my 
skills.  Honestly, I wonder how Providence has time for anyone else, attention lavished upon my character defects never wains.
Nor must I 'own' this site.  My pride/ego is rooted in the work.  A walled orchard is built, a gravel drive spread, potager planted and more, and with each, they are taken by the owner's hands before my feet leave the site.
I'm in love with this site, and so is the owner.  It is very much the 3 of us.  That is how strongly we relate to these acres.  She is a good steward of her acres and in return I get to watch her acres in stewardship of her.
Gifts of loving these acres arrive in many forms & layers.  Telling us we are doing the right thing/s.
Tasha Tudor's favorite line of poetry, 'take joy', in action.  Joy is always there, but it must be taken.
What does any of this have to do with you?  Stewardship.  Not your stewardship of the garden.  But the stewardship your garden has for you.  Do you have that in your life?  Are you in relationship with your garden?  Does it fill you with joy, enrich your spirit, give you energy just seeing it from the windows of your home?  Good news, it's not about acres & money.  It's putting the garden into relationship with your home & life with historic templates.
This reads a bit like an altar call.  Ironic, she says her deep feeling with her garden is 'abiding', I feel 'atonement' in mine.
Garden & Be Well,   XO Tara
Pic at jobsite this month.  Silent Partner, I can see your face reading this and know you understand the metaphorical use of filthy lucre.
My garden is one of my best friends, unconditionally loving, rich in narrative.  A language I can understand.  People?  No, easier to understand my garden.  
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Hartwood Roses said...

What a wonderful expression of the differences between 'garden' and 'landscaping'. Gardening enriches the gardener ... landscaping is meant for others to see and enjoy. I want others to enjoy my garden, but that's not its purpose.

Divine Theatre said...

This post moved me, Tara.
I know so little about gardening, as my relationship with the soil is at it's genesis. However, I do know that I love everything about my gardens. Sometimes, in the Winter, I am affected with a profound sense of missing it, like a child longing for her mother.
It is so very cold here that walking through the gardens is not something I would even consider.
I looked out the window last week to note that my newly planted trees were missing bark. The rabbits had eaten it above the protection I provided in Autumn. I don't begrudge the frozen bunnies their meal but I am going to miss those trees. I recall the sheer joy of planting them and my heart weeps at their loss.



Kay said...

"Honestly, I wonder how Providence has time for anyone else, attention lavished upon my character defects never wains." I am still smiling at this sentence. I can totally relate. Thanks for the chuckle!

Tara Dillard said...

Odd how blogs let kindred spirits find one another. From seemingly offhand stories we share.

Personal things that we are sometimes afraid to hit the 'post' button, and do.


Cozy Little House said...

I agree with you, Tara. And a garden takes on its own persona.

Anonymous said...