Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Wabi Sabi Plinth

If you find the perfect pair of urns do not worry about their height.
Use a plinth if they must be higher.

Old urns, new to the site, with the perfect plinth, above.
The Long Barn, above, was made of terra cotta squares decades ago.  A few were found.
Sure, new plinths could have been bought or custom made for this site.  However, using the terra cotta squares is superior.  The best gardens have elements of the Poverty Cycle.  Put another way, wabi sabi must be included in every garden design.
Then there is Mary Kistner's, "It's what we do with what we have.", life motto.  Whenever I include Mary I know I'm doing the right thing, and I'm getting a little visit from her.  Sometimes I go so far as to ask, "What would Mary do?"
Garden & Be Well,  XO Tara
Pic taken at jobsite last month.
Mary, an artist,  was childless & died a widow in her 80's.  Her memorial service was at a museum in the main, huge, gallery.  Standing room only.


La Contessa said...

Was MARY the one who rises at 4 am to view her garden with the lights on?I loved that bit in your book.Seems she had the right ideas.
Urns and plinths………Urns and plinths……..
Little does the SON know the two urns sitting in the driveway need to be carried to the way backyard!I just need to land a plinth or two!This will give the chicken coop an entry………….

Tara Dillard said...

Contessa you humble me, remembering the story about Margaret Mosely. She's almost a 100 years old now.

Martha Tate wrote a book about Margaret recently.....


Mona said...

Genius! why didn't I ever think of that? I inherited 2 urns with our house 11 years ago and they are too short so I never used them really..hahaha NOW I will...thanks for the inspiration...
Love, Mona

Anonymous said...

Tara, you will be pleased to learn I now have a focal point right outside the dinning room window.
It is 'summer' on a plinth. I have moved her around so often that to quote Margery Fish "she will soon learn to walk!"

I will post the photo (with snow) on my blog.

Thanks for posting about Focal Points over and over and.....

Kay said...

Good post. Made me go look up Mary Kistner! What a lovely legacy.