Thursday, January 30, 2014

Making it HOME

Susanne Hudson was over 24 hours getting home after Atlanta's snow storm hit.

We spoke briefly last nite and the tone in her voice when she said, "There really is no place like home.", spoke volumes.
When we meet-up I will get all the details.  
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
My sister, from Texas, kept me informed of Georgia's governor & Atlanta's mayoral performances on TV.
A learned bastard stands higher than an ignorant high priest.   —   Midrash
"In Judaism, the Midrash (Hebrew: מדרש‎; plural midrashim) is the body of homiletic stories told by Jewish rabbinic sages to explain passages in the Tanakh. Midrash is a method of interpreting biblical stories that goes beyond simple distillation of religious, legal, or moral teachings."

Midrash is quite Texas thinking.  I am Texan.  With 3 decades of Georgia under my belt buckle I know exactly what the kind Southern matriarch says in these types of governor/mayor situations, Well-Bless-Their-Heart.  Covers reams.
Pic from Susanne's sun porch.  Mostly it's where her Jack Russell heads out to kill squirrels.

3 comments: said...

I was hoping no one I knew was stuck in that horror show. Bet she was REALLY happy to get home.

Midrash Texan??

Unknown said...

Being raised in north Florida and having lived for 11 years in south Georgia..."bless their little hearts" cover it all. You certainly got that right! At least the state officials in Florida had the intelligence to CLOSE schools, government offices and major highways!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

That's great to know you're from Texas. probably why I love your blog so. And...I still love to see what Suzanne does in the decorating world. Would love to see her place in person, still inspired from having seen her on HGTV.