Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Vanishing Threshold

This, below, is a disaster.

At a minimum prune the crape myrtle trunks into elegance, add sasanqua espaliers & sconces along fence.
This room stops at the windows.  Why settle for so little?
Garden & Be Well,   XO Tara
pic via Cote de Texas
By the Glamorous Age you must be able to have a couple of friends over for a delicious lunch you prepared in a lovely setting of garden & home.


Squeak said...

A drunk driver killing your best friend is a disaster. Losing your job a week before Christmas is a disaster. Having your house foreclosed on is a disaster.

The garden in the picture you show is, at worst, a minor annoyance to a landscape architect.

Ellen @Color Calling said...

Tara, how to prune crape myrtle into elegance? There is crape murder happening all over my neighborhood as we speak. Would love to see what your ideal is. Future post maybe? Best, Ellen

Tara Dillard said...

Alas, Puppet Barbuda has had some of those things happen to her, and more.

She knows the context of what gardens should be.

Sure she's been a victim, but has chosen to survive & THRIVE !!! Because of gardens.


Janelle McCulloch said...

Our sunroom looks like this pic... I'm so ashamed of it! We only moved in 6 months ago but that's no excuse! We have 22 huge old pine trees that need to be cut down in our back yard. (I hate cutting trees but it's a suburban block and there's no place for them.) So I can't do anything to our garden until they're gone, apart from have pots. Pots and Pots and pots... Our garden is looking like David Hicks' or Anouska Hempel's 'pot garden', only far less stylish... (And without the cute gardeners to help.)

Thank you for the sweet mention. We're actually starting a new international magazine. Wanna be the garden writer? xx

Joni Webb said...

the house is gorgeous = this is her driveway that is off the breakfast room. so, not much can be done about that - this is typical houston