Monday, February 4, 2013

Pool Renovation

Their new dream home is quirky, dated, tired.  The golf course view has been obscured for decades.

Their tiny swimming pool & backyard are my destination today.
These are exciting times.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Ironically, did a backyard Saturday.  Premier golf course views in a gated community.  Their deadline is a PGA tournament this spring.  Stone terraces on 2 levels.  Moonlighting.  Furnishings.  I'm not worried about the stone terraces, but I was clear about the furnishings, "get out of your comfort zone, scare yourselves."  If they get piddling furnishings they cheapen their entire view.  And, harm my reputation.  
Of course I went further, 'when you bought your home you entered a new chapter in your life.'  That is how seriously amazing their golf/lake/woodland views are.
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Bruce Barone said...

I want to visit this tiny swimming pool.

David Cristiani said...

"Furnishings...get out of your comfort zones...", "get piddling furnishings...harm my reputation..."

Well-put, backing up why I should have declined (--%) of folks who say they want me to design their spaces, who will then go cheap or do the ugly norm, ruining their space, not just my rep. I rejected one just today!

Thanks so much for this today; "Providence" knew I needed it, even more than I already know.

Anonymous said...

Google ate my comment again! and I am signed in! Trying again!

Great post and so true! When clients are "interviewing me; I am interviewing them!

If we are not on the same page; I am "just too busy"!

And it isn't about money; it's about taste! And it does wreck your reputation!!!
David you did the right thing!

ps I keep forgetting to tell you I LOVE your new frontispiece picture!!!

Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

I love it that you love your work so much.