Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chinoiserie Coop, Repurposed Materials

They wanted chickens, I suggested their small unused covered patio.

Old windows, door & lumber were reclaimed from a century old cabin at Lake Burton, GA.

Chicken wire, hinges, a few 2 x 4's were the only new materials.

Once the new wood is cured the entire Chinoiserie chicken coop will be stained BM-Alexandria Beige.
Their garden is tiny Alexandria beige will make the coop recede.

Th girls fighting for grapes is greater drama than any football match.

Nesting boxes were repurposed from the same cabin.
These 8 heirloom girls hatched 1st week of April & produce about 7 eggs/day. 
Amazing how many clients have chickens.  Adore watching them walk, hear their noises, see cliches come true.
Garden & Be Well,      XO Tara
Bidding a job last month My Guy suggested they repurpose the child's swing-set fort as a chicken coop.  Love it when my team shines past me with creativity.  
Girls are safe in their coop & run from hawks, dogs, cats.


Divine Theatre said...

I wish we could have chickens! What a coop we would build!


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