Friday, November 9, 2012

Furniture on Furniture

During WWII this cupboard stored canned garden vegetables.  I rescued it from grandma's Georgia red clay basement and put it on my patio.

Years later, rot, so it was brought inside.

Moving office this week I knew the cupboard had to go onto the mahogany reproduction desk.

Scale of the room & sloping ceiling, above, can take the height.

Furniture on furniture.  Does anyone else have this fetish?

It' imperative I get the office gorgeous & comfortable.  Wireless arrived this year & I'm most often in the garden room, above, working.  Too many distractions.  Laskett is one, above.
Garden & Be Well,       XO Tara
Perhaps next week the project will be complete.  Can't wait to be better leveraged for productive work.  Tea Olive Terrace is my view from the office.  I won't be 'losing' views only distractions.

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Jess Toons said...

I love the old style homes and design! My sister and I are looking for a place right now that is a lot like these pictures. We love landscaping Tempe AZ and design. Its a been a challenge trying to find something but I know we can do it! Thanks for sharing these!