Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Patio Table Not To Use

Mostly, I design square & rectangular patio/deck/terrace tables.  Easily placed next to a wall, rails or the edge of your concrete/stone/gravel/wood.

A pair of matching square/rectangular tables is most flexible.  Use separately or pushed together.
This patio seems to have neighbors looking in?  I would use shutters or custom lattice for more privacy.
Garden & Be Well,    XO Tara
Pic House of Turquoise.  Ironically, I was in a garden yesterday needing a Round table.  I love knowing what the exceptions are!  Can you imagine how much space a round table would waste on this patio, above?


Lori Buff said...

Some shear curtains might be nice too, they could dance in the breeze, let in the light and not be as strong a stopping point as shutters.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct! Every day I see it! On terraces; in small rooms!

Round tables can be so wonderful when there is room!

And so wrong when space is limited!

Brilliant, Tara!


ps you will see an obvious example (perhaps you already have....in the "before" of our daughter's house in Montecito!)

Anonymous said...

Lori is right! I have been using this lovely sheer linen (comes in panels from Pottery Barn!!) for privacy!
One can see the view (completely) through them when they are flat; and no one can see in!

100% linen! 4 lengths!

What a great term "stopping point!"

We do want "privacy"!