Monday, April 25, 2011

Chinoiserie & Design

Wisteria 'Amethyst Falls' at my front door today. A tiny area, yet interesting, and welcoming. (Without moving my feet these pics are a scan from left to right.) Peeking beyond the Wisteria, below, urn/plinth on axis with my bay window.
Filtered thru Wisteria foliage, above, the gravel terrace with large flagstones leading to the frontdoor.
The little Pot Cluster, above, and adirondack chair.
Classic Landscape Design, above, and pollinator habitat. (High & low density, canopy/understory, walls, floor, contrasting foliage textures/colors.)
Landscape Design's Pulitzer Prize, above. Beauty, privacy, low maintenance, organic, all season interest, pollinator habitat, fragrance, fantasy within reality, a place to sit, a spot viewed on axis from within the house.
Take the camera view a bit to the right you'll see neighbor's homes, their cars, their landscaping, the street. Honestly, who wants to live that way? Seeing neighbor's stuff? It's not my realm. The pics above ARE my realm.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Puppet Barbuda apologizes for bluntness in her captions today. Puppet Barbuda is zealous in details of landscape design/pollinator habitat. Puppet Barbuda disdains the ridiculosity of pretty garden pictures focusing on 'a plant', 'how to dig a hole', 'plant them 2.5432" apart'. Information providing you nothing about putting a beautiful garden together. When Puppet Barbuda reads interior design books/blogs/magazines they don't tell her how to produce the fabric on the couch, how to dye it, cut it, sew it, staple it & etc.....they appreciate she has a BRAIN.


NellJean said...

That Puppet Barbuda's pithy comments are priceless. Never complain, never explain, just show us.

Jeanne said...

Love it Tara...our wisteria looks similar to yours. Every garden should have an adirondack chair (or two)....we don't but hopefully someday. I like your cluster of to the column...very interesting shapes.

Jeanne xx

PS..if you are on Facebook and are interested in more gardening articles, I have a few on my Collage of Life page. It woudl be fun to chat via Facebook ;)

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Tara...I must have missed this post! I love the plantings and the feeling it has. Just beautiful!
Maura :)