Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Desert Dweller

At the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert are axis views of landscapes & gardens. Vanishing Threshold, seen-lived-designed-photographed by landscape architect, David Cristiani. Above & below, same line, 2 views, Double Axis.
Creating Double Axis, AND, the still life, below. David expands the world in each detail.

Walls, arbor, vine, sidewalks, neighbors, plant combinations, pots, colors, below, made me laugh in joy. Why? How often do you see SO much look so simple?
We know it's beyond simple. It's MAGIC.

From his laptop, above, another axis & more than magic. Grace.

A bedroom view, treated as a painting on the wall.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
All pics taken by David Cristiani.
David, I really do laugh out loud, & learn, seeing your landscapes & gardens. You are ANAL about Vanishing Threshold, Axis, Double Axis. Providence smiles in simplicity & grace within your work. Thank you for sharing your talents.


Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Just beautiful.

It be difficult to ever leave the bedroom with a view like that, just open the doors, lie on the bed and stare out.

Desert Dweller said...

:-) Ms Dillard & Puppet Barbuda!

WOW! Am deep in the Chih. Desert today in EP & Cruces, w/ site visits, ls inspections, mtngs. So, sharing the creosote bush-perfumed air with you (and roar of I-10 from Starbucks patio...sorry)

Seeing a familiar residential landscape in your words is amazing! Thanks, as I blush!

Terry said...

I envy desert dwellers. They live where the no-grass look is utterly cool, where gravel and paving is the perfect substitute.

Mono said...

I love your room and your garden looks so serene! It has that zen feel, the only thing that's missing are wind chimes and you already have that Zen feel.

Desert Dweller said...

Wow again! Wish I could have you all out here!

That bedroom door is open most nights Mar-June, Sept-Nov...low lighting and the breeze sets the mood.

Yes, gravel groundplanes a natural here, just add some plantings!

And Zen works so well with the above and wider spacing of desert flora...but a wind chime could get really loud during periodic canyon winds @ 50-100 mph for hours!