Sunday, December 15, 2019

Garden Furniture: Garage Table

Self explanatory, below, excepting the delight in discovery.  Why did I never think of this?  Ever. 
Light weight, multi-functional, 2 pieces particle board.  End to end, side by side, only one, whatever, as job requires.  Maybe you're hosting an afternoon of gathering greenery for garland making with friends.  Poof, huge table, 4-6 boards.
Lightly, but seriously, designing garage interiors, for decades, this, below, is amazing.  Most everyone needs an empty table in the garage.  Here it is.  Upright, the garbage cans are permanent storage, easily accessed, lifting the particle board for access. 

Dirt Simple | Gardening and Landscape Blog by Deborah Silver
Pic, above, here.

Nor does anything have to be bought if you're willing to hunt/gather with a keen, knowing eye.  Those are the tables I would adore seeing.  The one you put together from 'found' elements.
How is it I'm emancipated in my garden?  What is its alchemy?  How did I not know I needed emancipating?  What is this dispensation?  What power, what force is at work, doing this for me, and you?
Discovering this table, is discovering more good gardening.  Decades gardening, discoveries never fail to delight.  This table, above, pure alchemy.
Stack the garbage cans, store the particle board against the wall behind the garbage cans.  I know you're seeing more than I have.
Garden & Be Well,   XOT

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Penelope Bianchi said...

I know you love our gate. Made from branches of Mesquite and held by leather straps.

I asked my pond man: "How on earth did you know how to do that? (I had shown him a photo of a similar rustic gate).
He said, "My wife and I vacation in third world countries! They use what they have!"

Beautiful. Just beautiful. Just like your garage table!