Tuesday, May 21, 2019

How to Arrange Furniture in Large Garden Spaces

How to section a large terrace or deck into cozy areas? 
Learn from the best, below.  Why are they the best?  Their livelihood depends upon layers of good design, ease of maintenance, simplicity for staff to serve, and, enriching comfort for guests.
Habitually Chic® » Mezzatore Hotel and Thermal Spa
Pic, above, here.
Large pots, multiple seating areas, repetitious furniture, color theme flowing throughout & accouterments. 
Beautiful pots, furnishings not in the budget?  Field gather, junking/garbage day curb side/thrift stores/garage sales, paint all the furnishing the same color.  Paint all the pots the same color.
Become a fan of square and rectangular shaped tables.  Square/rectangular tables can be pulled together or set against walls, multi-use. 
How easy this terrace is to blow.  Few obstructions.  Simple pot plantings.  No major replanting needed at change of seasons.
At the end of an Open Garden a lone woman remained, sitting on my 6' Teak bench.  Tired, I went straight to her and sat down.  She began to cry.  Heaving breaths, big round tears.
Divorce finalizing, she was losing her large sacred landscape.  How could she live without it?  Looking around that garden room of mine, she said she had to, ".....HAVE THIS."  The beauty of a garden in its full context.  More tears.
So, we held hands, she cried a bit more, and I waited, knowing exactly what to say to her.
"You can have this, my garden is less than 1/4 acre, 8500 SF, and that includes house & driveway."
Not the first time bearing witness to a woman's life change.
Never think beautiful garden photographs merely represent what can be done in a garden with $$$, pic above.  Beautiful gardens are about beautiful relationships.  Gardener to Nature. 
Never saw that woman again.  Yet, I know she's thriving.
Garden & Be Well,    XO T 


Dewena said...

I love knowing you were sensitive enough to give her time as well as hope for the garden she wanted. I think she's probably told many of that time with you.

My computer has been down for weeks but I hope to take it to Apple store tomorrow. But I've been reading here right along, on my phone, always happy when a new post shows up.

Penelope Bianchi said...

Beautiful example of great furniture and arrangement in a great garden!
I have saved so many pictures of your garden. Magical and breathtaking in such a small space!

Ours is almost back to normal. It is breathtaking how quickly it has gone from complete disaster to almost complete recovery. Nature is beyond.

La Contessa said...


@1010ParkPlace said...

Focal points and opposing focal points and three colors... I learned it from you! xoxox, B

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