Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Interior Art is your Exterior Color Trinity

I adore this painting, below.  Selfishly, love the entire canvas.  Is it good art?  Don't know.  I do know, this painting would be my starting point for choosing exterior colors.  Shutters, trim, front door, patio cushions, furniture, stone, etc.  Color answers are in this painting.  

Pic, above, here.
Every garden must have a color trinity chosen, green - brown - white is the classic.  Not mandatory, in the least.  Nor is choosing a color trinity limiting or cliche.  Instead, a Garden Design tool that has worked for centuries.  Within a color trinity are limitless selections of shade.  Making your choice of trinity, uniquely you, and more intensely you.
Aging is never a bore.  Younger, I could not abide this style of art, above.  Now, love it.
Not chosen a color trinity for your exterior?  Look inside your home, at your art.
Garden & Be Well,    XO T


La Petite Gallery said...

I like it also like the colors.
I have so many plants on this acre, forget
even what I have planted. Had to move a Jap Magnolia,
I just realized it was going to block the view of the cove.

Brenda Coffee said...

Love this idea, Tara! I will remember this. xoxo, Brenda