Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Front Door: Vanishing Threshold

Vanishing threshold, below, garden light pouring inside.

Pic, above, here.

Our ca. 1900 house, below, is getting plenty of attention, but the list has its priorities.  Pic, above, gave me an idea for the Sheraton sideboard, below, plinth for potted plants.


Heart of pine floors, above/below, are original to the house.  Painting the central hall walls, on the list.
Front door, original to the house, its bell still works.  Walls in the room, right, below, will remain their palest pink.  Would have never, ever, painted the room this color, which taught me something.  I love, adore, want to be in this room all the time.  It's a happy, happy, happier room.  More, the palest pink is warm in winter & cool in summer.  Pure magic.
Painting in previous post, is exactly the painting I would like above the sideboard, below.

This is the fateful front door, above, 1st step over its threshold, I heard, "You have her way of walking around the house."  E.M. Forster, Howard's End.  More lines, and clear visuals, yet, how to appear calm, when every cell in my body lurched onto this house.  Events & feelings like this only occur in books or movies.  Irony, before 1st stepping foot into the house, I was angry with myself as the drive to see the house became longer & longer & longer, so long we were off any known map.  Who could ever live beyond the beyond?  Beloved was in his own truck, we had separate appointments, the smiling realtor awaiting at the front steps with her hand extended, the homeowner had arranged her schedule too.  How could I have made such a mistake?  Wasting my time, and theirs.
We made an offer within 24 hours.
Garden & Be Well,    XO T


Mimi/Susan said...

Those floors are beautiful!

Penelope Bianchi said...


Original paint? Please talk to me first!

Before you paint!

Paint is a treasure......I have seen so many many treasures.....erased......please talk. Our voices....please....first!