Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Taking Historic into the Modern Realm

Clearly a master's touch, below, playing with history, cunningly modern.
Sint-Job-In't-Goor Sleutel-op-de-deur

Whimsy, below, in the metaphor of sanctity.  What?  Taking the choice, below, to walk into the garden, you must bow your head, at the shrine of espaliered trees.
Soon, hedging will shield the house from the outer world, flying buttresses, arc-boutant, to the nave within.
Is your life worth anything less?
Stewardship of self.  In all its layers.

Sint-Job-In't-Goor Pastorij

Sint-Job-In't-Goor landelijke woning

For good measure, several ball rooms planted into the back yard, above.

Sint-Job-In't-Goor achtertuin

The long hallway, above at right, a promenade, lit in the manner of le jardin rustique.  With hedging at the backyard too, another nave, a double cathedral built,
Someone, at the top of their game, above.
Garden & Be Well,   XO T
We are still tending structural  outdoor necessities at our ca. 1900 American farmhouse garden.  Pouring more gravel, putting in paths, lighting, plantings, must wait.  One of those 'necessities' a well.  Beloved has worked with the well diggers many times during his construction career, he trusts them.  Good, fine.  My concern is flagrantly obvious.  Where will they find water?  How will it affect designing the garden?  
We chose similar lights, above, for a renovated shed.  Once installed, I knew those lights would be perfect for the rest of the garden, on posts along pathways.  Imagine my surprise seeing the pic, above.
What a day I had on the old Kubota tractor yesterday.  Wounded pride, newbie mistakes.  Hilarious being an 'expert' and embarking upon a new learning curve in the garden.  Details sketchy, pride still ruffled.
Pics from here.


lisa douglas said...

one of the brilliant strokes is that guests do not enter the house through a garage. I cannot see from photo if the homeowner has a covered walk from garage to house? why keep cars indoors if not for that reason. The plantings are interesting, more so if meadow of clover, violets, and dandelions replaced turf grass. LD

La Petite Gallery said...

This is such a wonderful looking spot. What kind of roof is that? never saw one like that, looks like they ran out of trusses..yvonne

Penelope Bianchi said...

Dearest Tara; I am sorry your pride was wounded.....riding a tractor. I hate that your confidence was harmed. It is wrong.....your confidence has nothing to do with operating a tractor! Everything about creating a a tract you cannot even see another house! That is making magic. I could have told you your house would sell in one day.....but I am sure you knew!

Please do not let anyone take that accomplishment and all of your accomplishments away from you.....Never forget it! You cannot let yourself be undermined!!! I can feel the pressure!
Never let yourself be undermined again........oh please!!!! It happened before!!.
You are anything but a "newbie"! You know more than anyone......I have ever met! Instinctively!

We need to make our places our own....or we cannot live matter how perfect they are! You make magic......and it is a rare talent. I will get you here to speak!!! Please do not let your confidence be matter matter what......honestly. You know what to do. Make sure you are allowed......or permitted, or GETTODOIT. THAT IS THE LANDSCAPING.....YOU GETTODOIT. And he has to "butt out"!!! You have proven yourself for years...he has to take his bulldozers and go elsewhere......then he can come see the magic. Otherwise.........

I am calling Gwen!



Sandy Fry said...

I especially look forward to hearing more about the well-digging. I grew up in a small town where everyone had wells, and remember the woes of the drought years ("priming" wells, and neighbors lucky enough to have "living wells" and others looking for where to dig new wells). My brother remembers that my mother could use a water witch.
Always enjoy reading your blog - always learn things!

Penelope Bianchi said...

I think that roof is clay tile? It is beautiful! The whole thing! And I love those lights on poles......they look like the stakes they sell for staking small trees?
Brilliant! I do agree about the meadow. I am not a fan of lawn.