Thursday, July 14, 2016

Color & Architecture's Relationship

It's outrageous what color can do, good & bad, for architecture.
Painting or staining a fence coming off the front sides of a home, widens its architecture.  Enlarges the footprint of welcome, to the home.
An easy concept, and wildly affordable relative to the huge impact gained.

Dark Blue Front Entrance A new metal-framed door matches the new windows.:

Pic, above, here.
Great example, above, about purchasing a properly scaled doormat.  This poor mat, above, looks like it came from a Pin the Tail on the Donkey store.  Dinky is Stinky, is this doormat's trinity fail.  The doors are way too fabulous to be wearing this doormat.
Garden & Be Well,    XO T
Dinky is Stinky is a great save, protecting you from hunting/gathering the wrong things.  Another great save, 'We're not to that layer yet.'  Both from Susanne Hudson.


Dewena said...

Hi Tara, sure wish you would post some pictures of great doormats! Do you have a Pinterest board of them? My husband just bought a large plain jane one to replace he monogramed one that was here when we moved in, mainly because it was made of horrible bristly material and my dachshunds hated to step on it.

Health eSCENTials said...

So how large a door mat would be best for this area?