Friday, July 1, 2016

A Good Ready-Made Lattice Choice

For just over a year I've been working with a client at her farm with a barn style home, ca. 1970'ish.  A polyester leisure suit worn with white leather slip on shoes pastiche of narrow front porch with low ceiling, brass light fixtures.  Built for convenience of builder, no desire for aesthetics, nor its historical underpinnings.  The full monty, a catastrophe.
Every renovation layer, interior/exterior, honoring form, function, history, and relationship to Nature.
A few exterior spots need lattice.  We researched the best historic lattice to use.  If building the historic lattice could not be done, there is a default lattice my team uses, with more than adequate success in the layers of form/function.
Showing her pics of the default lattice, she decided to move ahead with custom.  Recently, ironically, she let me know a change had been made, the default lattice used, already installed and she was quite pleased with it.
We both laughed, I had pushed upfront for the default lattice, the expense of custom wasn't a necessity for the minor role her lattice plays.  Too ironic, 'my' choice of lattice installed.  Laughing, because she knows my hunt is taking off the porch's end rail, adding steps for another entry to the porch.  Rich laughter, because my choice of adding a wrapped  covered porch, quite deep/long etc, has been built, large & not inexpensive, yet I keep chirping to her about that small end rail.

It's About Time:
Pic, above, here.
Severe Weather Natural Pressure Treated Spruce Privacy Lattice (Common: 1/2-in x 96-in x 4-ft; Actual: 0.5-in x 96-in x 4-ft)
Pic, above, here.
Pressure treated spruce from Lowe's, above.  (No, this is not a promotional/compensated ad.)
Garden & Be Well,   XOT


Penelope Bianchi said...

What an enormous gift you have given all of us! Your followers! Yikes! What a bargain!

You should not have to "chirp" very long!! You are so obviously so GIFTED!! I want to shake anyone who does not listen to you the FIRST TIME!! What you did with your little house was make know what you are doing more than anyone!!!


By the way; "Lotusland" (here in Montecito) has just been elected (or anointed) one of the 10 best public gardens in the world!!! YIKES!!! Only two in North America! The other one is in Portland Oregon!

LORD HAVE MERCY UPON MY SOUL!! (that is what my beloved grandmother would have said!) Now you HAVE to come out here! I will write to
Gwen....the divine head of Lotusland....a lecture.....there??!!?? You will faint!

La Petite Gallery said...

Happy Fourth Tara,
I have a question, living in Mid coast Maine, was weeding my flowers,
saw something I wasn't sure of. Decided to leave it. Had leaves like
a calendula. It sprouted 4 stems, those stems had weird looking buds.
By now I looked every day at this thing. The buds ran along each stalk
like a hollyhock would, Yesterday a purple top bloom beautiful looks
like a passion flower or a clematis. I have never seen anything like it. Do you know what it is?
yvonne and Alien plant

Rachael said...

Keep it simple, sweetheart, as much as is possible. Gotta love when the "good enough" turns out to be the best.