Monday, June 13, 2016

Garden Design: How Little Can You Have?

How little can you have in your garden, and it still holds together?
Garden Design, below, would hold together at a mid-century Ranchburger.  (Perhaps a new title, Garden Design for Bad Architecture, split-levels need extra thought too.  Of course I spent 30 years in my cluster home, I named a Guppy House because garage/drive predominate at front of house.)   In addition to how little you can have in your garden, how to  have a Garden Design, raising property value while raising pleasure/use.  Never to leave a penny on the table, Garden Design to reduce HVAC & maintenance expense.  Ironic, I find the more demanding you are from a Garden Design, it's easier to create, and a better Garden Design.

Pic, above, here.
Just back from a week working in mom's garden on Galveston Bay, TX .  Dad had asked for a hedge planting at the back fence over 2 decades ago.  Fence is straggly naked with 2 remaining misshapen hideous RED TIPS.  What was my suggestion he brazenly ignored?  Camellia sasanqua.  Yes, I still look at that fence imagining sasanquas.  Plant choices matter, in addition to Garden Design choices.
Garden & Be Well,  XOT


Karen said...

Oh how I wish I knew more about garden design. I have a suburban (70s) rectangular back yard with a hideous wood deck (can't wait to rip it off and have a few steps down to a patio so I can have a vanishing threshold. But past that, what? I don't know. I have lots of books, but I guess I'm dim and just don't know where to begin. Everything you post is so intriguing and yet, I'm still stumped. Sigh.

Health eSCENTials said...

Lovely - just lovely! I'm very interested in the least I can do, while still getting a lot of bang for my buck.

Red Tips: we have a hideous hedge at the street; very tall and hideous. Good news? They are on the decline! Hip, hip, hooray!


bungalow said...

Yes, Garden Design for Bad Architecture!! Would you consider periodically posting some garden design ideas for modest houses i.e. low cost 1000-1300 sq. ft. ranches and capes? The kind that have NOT been redone completely and now look nothing like the original.

Rather, 1950s-1980s houses with vinyl siding, asphalt driveway, thermopane windows, and plastic shutters. Houses that are close together and near noisy streets. I don't want any of these things, but that is what is available in my budget right now. I'd love ideas on how to bring out the best in a home through landscaping.

La Contessa said...


SALLY said...


I"m not a professional but have received several compliments on my garden. The main thing people notice is so simple. I've planted fig ivy across my three fences so people see a solid green backdrop. It takes quite a while for fig ivy to cover a fence but I imagine there is a faster growing ivy you can plant.