Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Free Garden Design

Modern 2,000+ years ago.  Modern today.
No need to be an expert, to understand why garden centers are not 'on board'.

Calm.  Facade, bench, pots, gravel, fade their colors into each other.  I see the silhouette of branches in winter striking the house, and gravel.  I hear the leaves, wind rustled, see their fall colors.  Gravel crunching underfoot.
This house doesn't make the Garden Design special, instead, the choice to have this Garden Design is special.
Free Garden Design.  Equally at home with a brick ranchburger ca. 1963, pioneer cabin, starter home, $2 million home in a gated community.
Myriad choices made with this Garden Design.  Especially adore all of the 'no' choices.
Why is this Garden Design harder to choose than keeping foundation plantings, installed by the builder, and a pocked lawn needing mow/blow/go, fertilizers poisoning groundwater, zero aesthetics to increase property value, no choices for plantings to reduce hvac expenses, no thought for color, or pulling the foot outside to enjoy Nature?
Garden & Be Well,    XO Tara
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La Contessa said...

IT's perfect for the scale of the home too...........that bench is calling my name!

Maryanne The Garden said...

Some sites need no embellishment.



LPC said...

OK. You have convinced me not to do any foundation planting in my side yard:). But for a California rancher, the look you show would be radical. Almost odd. Unless we were in the wine country.

Kathy said...

amen sister...k

Lori Buff said...

Garden centers don’t get it because they can’t sell a lot of plants to fill that beautiful, easy space.

Anonymous said...

Yet another grand slam home-run! I always think of classic design vs. "not enough blooms, trendiness, etc" for Sunset / garden mags, and how they miss so much, but we bloggers and designers no longer have to be at their control.

But what you say on how your image works, no matter the expense of the property, is at least as true...another bit of design ammo.

My check's in the mail...

Dewena said...

Just lovely!

I told my husband a week or so ago about you writing that the garden should not be designed from the curb looking toward the house but rather from the interior looking outside.

It was a completely new idea for him and I could see understanding growing in his eyes. He owned a garden center a long time ago. And oh, the foundation plantings they did. Berms were another hot ticket back in the 1970s. One that probably should never have been done? (Big smile here!)