Saturday, March 29, 2014

Design: Sources of Inspiration

Cracked.  Cracked & stapled is my favorite.

A farm scene, and cracked, above.
Why do we buy dishes?  By the set.
Fun discovering the cracked dishes at a clients last weekend.  I must look more closely at the pattern, perhaps there is something to copy into the garden.
Ironically, her garden's color trinity is green-brown-white and these dishes are almost the exact faded brown version of her garden.
Garden & Be Well,     XO Tara
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Divine Theatre said...

This dish pattern that we use on a daily basis is called "Merrie England". Gracie and I could spend hours just looking at the gardens therein!


Happy Weekend!


Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

I love that brown and off-white design. So mellow.

Only you would think to look to how an artist interpreted a garden from the past when you're creating a new one. So clever.

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cgoodson51 said...

I was reading about Kintsugi, a Japanese tradition of repairing cracks in broken pottery with gold. I'm thinking about ordering a little gold or silver leaf and trying this with an old piece of transferware.