Friday, October 4, 2013

Penelope Bianchi Asked

Merely pretty?  Think again, this is serious business.  Without pollinator habitat we die.  

What is pollinator habitat?  Macro description, you want high density & low density in your garden.  Micro details,  trees-shrubs-groundcovers and open meadow/gravel terrace, water.  With plant selection mixed for something coming into bloom all year.

Penelope thinks she's merely standing in her beloved garden.  More, she's bathing in maximum pollinator habitat.
Why care about pollinators?  Increasing pollinators can increase crop yields almost 80%.
Wendell Berry has been writing agricultural essays for decades about big agriculture with machines-chemicals-devastation of communities (every pun intended) vs. small farms, mostly organic, producing more/acre than big agriculture.
Have had a crush on Penelope Bianchi since first seeing her gardens & interiors.  Loved her before I knew she existed.
Garden & Be Well,   XO Tara
Both pics in Penelope's garden.


Maryanne The Garden said...

Why is this simply concept so difficult for people to understand?

La Contessa said...

I subscribe to YOU because of MADAME P!

Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

Thanks for bringing attention to this issue. Kids need to learn about the real birds and bees!

Anonymous said...

Blushing completely!
That picture! I have no idea how you have it! There I was! blah blah blah about why not to "use pesticides; herbicides, etc. ! When a rose starts to suffer!! (as in holes in their leaves........I run to the store!)!!!

I splurge on ladybugs!! And lacewing larvae! I have spent $100 on ladybugs and lacewing larvae!

Poof ,gone!! holes in the leaves of roses.......problems with citrus (looked like iron was "scale"? Anyway.....beneficial insects.......cured the problem!!!
We use no insecticides...herbicides.......and no chemical or artificial fertilizers!

We have a million hummingbirds.......and the most amazing variety of birds! They come for the insects; I think!

I still beg Tara......."definition of pollinator habitat"!

Imagine my shock and happiness when I clicked on Tara's blog (one of my absolute favorites in the world) and there is my table with my grandchildren's art on it! And there I am! blah blah blah!!

Boy do I love Tara!!

Anonymous said...

I asked the National Wildlife Federation what to plant; and I studied books about attracting wildlife and birds; they never called it "pollinator habitat"!

But apparently that is what I have here!

There was nothing here 16 years ago except dirt and a few oak trees! (I wrote a blog post about it!)

I think I will run it again!

For some mysterious reason; I have had many new subscribers! Maybe you, Tara??!!

I am thrilled!!