Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Don't Wear This on a Garden Tour

Never wear orange on a garden tour.  You will be seen thru hedges, & everywhere, making a serious gardener, trying to take pics, rabid as an angry bull.

This happened to me in Ireland visiting Helen Dillon's garden.

At dinner that evening, at which point everyone in the group knew I was a rabid bull, excepting Miss Orange,

who commenced to order & drink an entire bottle of wine without sharing with the group as if she was the one thwarted in her picture taking.
I was treated with great dignity by the group, condolences (for my photography being interrupted)  & respect for discovering Miss Orange needed to be totally knocked off our socially acceptable list.

After all, there is a protocol for sharing wine with the group (hello Miss Orange we all shared with you) .
But this isn't where I was going with the pics.
Puppet Barbuda, garden critic extraordinaire, needs clothes, hair, and apparently a ruff for her neck.  She already has a pair of leather lace-up work boot stilettos.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Top pic via Castles, Crowns, and Cottages.  Remaining paintings Diego Rivera via   It's About Time.
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Barbara said...

Adorable. I would like to meet Puppet Barbuda in her ruff & stilettos coming around a boxwood.

SALLY said...

Intrigued! Wonder if Miss Orange will see this!
Sounds like she deserves to be off your group's list!

David Cristiani said...

I heard the orange was terrible to wear on TV, too. So, I wore a lime green...the producer was happy! Though on a garden tour, a friend was so annoyed by this woman in a green shirt...kept getting in her prime shots...

Anonymous said...

Tara, could it be the same lady who wore an orange poncho and ruined all the photos on that English Hydrangea Garden tour?
I think a mutual friend to her to "Loose the poncho"
Didn't share her wine!? The deadliest sin.
Miss traveling with you.

Janelle McCulloch said...

This is so insightful! I have just pulled out all my bright colours to lead our little garden group around the gardens of England. I thought greens and hot pinks would be suitable so that if people fell behind as we walked through the streets of Chelsea to the garden show, they could see me ahead. After reading this I shall shove all these colours straight back into the wardrobe and pull out the camouflage khaki instead! xx

Faux Fuchsia said...

My heart is palpitating as I read this because I too am going on Old J's garden tour and I own nothing in khaki and certainly nothing that could be described as a neutral.

In fact pink and orange are my favourite colours.