Saturday, November 3, 2012

Patio Furniture Mix

Calm.  Quiet.  Then revelation.

Lunch in Kemah yesterday on Galveston Bay.
Quietude of patio furnishings to perfection. Wicker, metal, wood with repetition throughout of colors, heights, invitation to relax.  They hired a designer.  That much is obvious.
How things change.  I grew up here.  Designers?  In my youth nothing was paved.  Dirt roads, oyster shell parking lots & the seafood available was coming off  shrimp boats.
At my back, while taking this pic, is Galveston Bay with the boats coming in to Clear Creek and Nassau Bay.  Remember the Hilton Hotel where the woman ran back/forth over her husband & said it was an accident?  Near here!
Beware using all metal furniture on your patio/deck.  Exceptions exist.  Be sure yours is.......    
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Crabcake sandwich & bowl of shrimp gumbo.  Fed the birds until someone pointed out the signs, "Do not feed the birds."

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Desert Dweller said...

Hi from Austin. Hiring a good designer for continuity always trumps having a mish-mash!

I agree on cautioning with all-metal, unusable daytime in the sun where I am...but the evenings and the durability, even winter days...ahhh!