Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What Is A Status Symbol?

Can you spot the status symbol?

In the land of freeways, subdivisions, strip malls, too many people?
A meadow is status symbol.  A gravel/dirt drive with wildflowers & trees is status symbol.
This is a CHOICE, above.  It is Landscape Design.  
It's not a 'less than' drive because they couldn't afford to pave.  It's the intellect of knowing what's important in life.
Garden & Be Well,      XO Tara
Pic via Habitually Chic


Lori Buff said...

You have to love the sound of walking or driving on gravel, it's just so much nicer than asphalt. And better for the environment.

penelopebianchi said...

Total!!! I completely agree!

penelopebianchi said...


I completely agree! What could be a better driveway??!!

sandrajonas.com said...

This resonates! First the gravel & grass drive, 2) the crocus (I imagine) in wonderful drifts between & under the 3) allee of trees, then there is the hunk...

anna Sonata said...

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Vera @ Cozy Little Cabin said...

Well, my first thought was that the gorgeous guy was the status symbol! LOL

Yes, gravel and grass is so much better. . . . we silly Americans will eventually learn. Right?

Janelle McCulloch said...

Great post! Wonderful!
I've been reading that the Edwardians thought a garden was a status symbol. They liked to have two - one in the city and another in the country.
I'd love a gravel driveway - and a forecourt too. Does this gentleman come with the package?