Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pot Planting

A bit of clipping, drip irrigation, enjoy.

                               Oh my, the dappled light.
I haven't put an annual in my pots for decades.  Magazines & nurseries push-push-push annuals.  And I listen to what I'm asked for EVERY design, 'my landscape must be low maintenance & not expensive.'
Garden & Be Well,     XO Tara
Gravel to the house, bushes in pots, necessity furnishings for meals, entertaining, relaxing.  Why are so many Americans afraid, above, of this?  "Let's build a deck, make it too small, add built-in seating with the rail which won't ever see use......"  "We'll pour a cement patio barely big enough for a mop, Weber grill, round table + 4 chairs."
Pic via Desde My Ventana


Desert Dweller said...

...and let's fill the pots with annuals, and have a lawn...people and long-lived plants will be determined by the lawn and annuals. Yes! Yes! (no, no)

Henhurst Interiors said...

I'm not sure box or anything else would survive the winter in outdoor planters here, but I can dream. I am not putting anything in my urns this fall because all that is available here at this time of year is mums and, I am sorry to say, I really hate them.

I already told my husband the next house is going to have gravel to the foundation.


ps. The title made me look twice. ;-)

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

I just recently found your blog. Your words and images are refreshing and inspirational.

We have to replace our deck next Summer. How correct you are...about the concept of American decks. I wish to add flower boxes for herbs and tomatoes and a concept for airing sheets and summer linens... (the pretties)!

We have used pea gravel on the paths and around our fireplace.

My husband and I have gone back and forth with the concept of pavers. I think that they look too contrived.

Your closing statement encouraged me to comment. Ideas are dancing in my head! Thank you!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Love that photo....a perfect spot. I've been thinking I'd do boxwoods in large pots out back to add interest around my deck. I don't like my deck. I wish I had a raised stone patio and then a lower stone patio and gravel paths in the yard. Someday...I hope.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Cote de Texas said...

my favorite - dappled light!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, amen. And dappled light is as good as a dozen plants in an outside space.

bec said...

ooh,,,cant do annuals...they get so leggy here and go to seed so quickly.
I love the plants that just keep on giving!
Bec x