Saturday, October 27, 2012

Choosing Flower Color

My sister LOVES pink.  Yet she would never be this bold, below.
Choosing garden flower colors I always pay attention to interiors & what my client is wearing.
Just did another design with the client wanting all white flowers.  White always works.
Garden & Be Well,           XO Tara
White flowers show best from a woodland, blue or burgundy flowers show very little at a distance......
pic via House Beautiful


Desert Dweller said...

Great lesson, especially what the client is wearing. True on blue! said...

Love this -- plus the blue/white vase and lime flowers in the corner.

Divine Theatre said...

I always wear black and, apparently, fur. Not that kind. The kind that reminds you how much you are loved!
I love an all white garden or just all green. Too many colors make my head spin and I feel like I can't breathe! There is something about that room that I love. Don't know what it is, for certain.

Always good to see you!



penelopebianchi said...

Simply beautiful!

Our daughter (the one who just moved back here) loves "green"! Wants "simple" loves "white"!
She has great taste!

It makes sense to me!


pve design said...

I do love an all white garden or when one commits to one color. It reminds me of a marriage, to love and to cherish forever. That room would also look great with all white or natural home-spun linen too.
Enjoy the weekend.

penelopebianchi said...

Personally; "Schiaparelli Pink" is my absolute favorite color in the world! ("Magenta" was the closest crayon!

I would "leap" at that room! and install it immediately!

I just may!

I love your blog so much!


ps (I can only hope that all this debris does not show on your post........)