Thursday, September 20, 2012

Front Door Ideas

Puppet Barbuda's wicked eye.  

Boxwood disgracefully pruned into helmet hair, and wider at the top creating leggy hags with pockets of space at the bottom.
Coiled hose lingering for pride of place.
Blocks of wood anchoring exterior lights? Oh dear, at least stain them the color of the siding.
The delight of the sweet round doormat.   A great touch.
Charming vernacular baskets over the front door.
Adore the shutters open in welcome.
Why mulch when a groundcover is less maintenance & more lush?
Elegantly shabby seeing money stretched.  The steps/rails are solidly good and tell a story.  Windows are at a crossroads of rotting but surviving with storm windows attached. 
The window box & front door paint color tell Puppet Barbuda she wants inside this sweet cottage.
Garden & Be Well,    XO Tara
A Cousin Cathy pic from Nantucket this summer.  This cottage reminds me of Aunt Tillie in her 80's, widowed & easily taking care of her brick cottage & garden.  Plenty of money but not one red cent to replace the furnace.  Smiling with a glint in her eye, "Let the next owner pay for it!"  Blessedly several of her antiques are now in my home & garden.  
Who is Puppet Barbuda?  Landscape Design Critic of course.  


Lori Buff said...

I absolutely love the shutters. Oh the possibilities.

Henhurst Interiors said...

The door and shutters make me want to see what's inside.

Desert Dweller said...

P. Barbuda, garden traveller, always gives thoughts. The mulch vs. living groundcovers idea is interesting, as that's what was done in San Diego, but there it took too much water, since there are few dense covers that cover. But back east where so wet, a great point.

Bruce Barone said...

Love it!

When will you be knocking on our door?

bec said...

Amazing welcoming colour for the front door.. my favouite!
Impatient at the moment trying to get groundcover grow faster on a bank.
windows above door adorable,
Bec x

Renae Moore said...

I love welcoming!