Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wickedly Neo-Unprepossessing

Across Europe the best gardens, with attenuated home of course, invite you thru a neo-unprepopressing entry.
 Arriving, above, I knew it was a carriage house or guest cottage.  How?  They told me I would lecture in the porte-cochere.  Executed to perfection, below right. 
 Whoever owned the estate HAD ME at the curb. 
 In the porte-cochere, above.
The bench is a metaphor for the house and garden.  Detailed, quality, elegant, enduring, comfortable, welcoming.
Garden & Be Well,      XO Tara
Did my 4 lectures in 2 days last weekend in the porte-cochere, at Sugarloaf Country Club Garden Tour & Boat Show.  This house & garden donated proceeds to Mothers & Daughters Against Cancer.  Of course I have more pics for you.


Desert Dweller said...

Them's some fancy words for this New Mexico guy. But seriously, I bet you needed no visuals for your lectures. Just like you can say so much with so few words and especially images...

Cozy Little House said...

You're probably worn out talking period by now. Get out in the garden and let the flowers and plants talk to you for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Lordy! I hope there are "tapes" of these lectures?

Oh please, God??

I am not the only one who wants to hear your voice and see your pictures!!


Anonymous said...

ps I want the follow-ups!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Just me again! My bet. is that you are anything but "worn out" You are instead......"geared up"!!!

Creative people get energized by this stuff!

Just my thought!


Cyndia said...

Your blog is like crack to me. Addictive, leaving me longing for more...