Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just Let It Touch

Subsidiary focal points should 'just touch' some foliage.
 It ties the subsidiary focal point to the garden.
 Instead of the subsidiary focal point looking like it landed from Mars.
Was happy to see, above pics, this well sited peacock.
When I was shooting the pics the owner said, "Touch his head, it moves."
Yes, this is a bobblehead Peacock.

Garden & Be Well,       XO Tara


Jeanne @ Collage of Life said...

Bobblehead peacock...that is a first for me! I have spent the past few days thinking on garden ornaments. It is interesting to think what we are drawn too. It says a lot about our personalities.

Best wishes Tara...

Jeanne :)

5th and State said...

well made point, lovely images

Desert Dweller said...

Great lesson...yes, when such elements don't touch, they are not finished!

You are getting me to rethink the front fountain area I have, perhaps changing the ornamental warm season grasses (cut back and don't touch late winter to early summer, as they grow back) with something more evergreen and permanent.

Uh oh...

cindy hattersley design said...

Tara you make my day with your little tidbits of wisdom. I am an amateur gardener. Sometimes we do things without thinking (at least I do). Of course they should be tucked in rather than "landing from mars". Thank you for that. I look forward every day to your quips!