Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gate Is Born

Her gate has to let a horse & carriage thru, we left a 12' opening.  Before choosing the new gate a new drive was in use and a new vista beheld.  Unexpectedly, this gate became, almost, a front entry view.  Deer are an issue plus I wanted a bit of mystery & enchantment.

Yesterday, above, her new gates. 
I perused dozens of pictures, sent 3-4 to the owner, voila-poof, she chose my favorite gate, top pic.
Of course it came with no dimensions/details.  Our carpenter, Magic Man, scaled it to the site.  He used the curve a fly-fishing rod makes to judge the correctness of his top curves.  He asked me a few questions about proportions. 
You normally don't see unfinished pics here.  But the work, above, of Masonry Man & Magic Man is enough to speak for itself.
More pics as this project continues.
Garden & Be Well,    XO Tara
Top pic found online, did not keep the origin.  Had no idea I would be showing off with it.  Love, love, love the pace of this project.  Love more the team I'm working with.


Kathy said...

He really is a magic man. I want to know what's behind that gate......k

Lori Buff said...

Have you seen the gate exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens? You'd love it.

Desert Dweller said...

Nice design for a gate...perfect!

Anonymous said...

That is perfect!

Lydia said...

Perfection is possible.