Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blossom Boxes By Steve Eaton

She needed something at her gravel parking court.  (Tara Dillard's, Queen's Pot, of course.  A pot so fabulous it can remain empty.  Do all of your pots pass this test?)
Mostly, she has Steve Eaton of Blossom Boxes plant her urns.

 She wanted a gate leading into her woodland, fabulous.  But it needed another Queen's Pot, this time on a taller plinth, above.  And, it's on double axis.  More another time, (miss priss) forgot to get the other axis pic.
 No sun reaches her front door, Blossom Boxes keeps her pots always lush & green. 
Another pot, in her backyard, above.  Blossom Boxes stayed true to his name: pansies, violas & dwarf snapdragons.
Met Steve Eaton over 20 years ago.  Have seen him in gardens & flower shows ever since.  Had him in an episode on my TV show. 
I thought you should know such a man, Steve Eaton of Blossom Boxes, exists.  That there is a world where men plant flowers & girls design gardens for their daily bread.  A world, they know, is their own Camelot.
Garden & Be Well,      XO Tara
Pics taken in a client garden last week.  Steve Eaton, Blossom Boxes,  770-337-8840,  


The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

Hooray for men who plant flowers and girls who design garden! I love the Queens pot.

I am currently searching for my own queen's pot to fill with cascading floral abundance.

Thank for the joign our blog and for the great comments, you've been entered into out fabulous giveaway.



Anonymous said...


I have been following you for a while and I love your sensibility. You are so direct and you say everything so straightforward. I enjoy reading your daily posts. You have an wonderful sense of style.


Lori Buff said...

All of my pots pass that test, of course I make them that way.