Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Well Placed Chair

The potager is hidden from view, above, but the chair hints at the mystery destination.
Have sat here many times thru the years and in all seasons.  Having a bowl of cereal or lunch or perhaps talking on the phone.
And to think, I placed the chair there for aesthetics.  Instead, it's lifestyle.
Discovered the Well Placed Chair phenomena while studying gardens across Europe.
Copy, it's a fabulous rule of Landscape Design.
Garden & Be Well,     XO Tara
Pic taken in my sweet garden last week.  Especially proud of this garden room because its backdrop is the rest of my subdivision.  And we don't want to see REALITY do we?


Desert Dweller said...

I think the both the chair's placement and context are amazing. the way all the above invites one to find it, then sit down...

Cher' Shots said...

I'd love to grab a book and go sit a spell.
'hugs from afar'

Anonymous said...

Reality? Whos reality? You created your own!

Also love the peeking into one garden room from another.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Is this your new garden? Or your garden you have been in?

I ask because we have decided to stay. (I thought I wanted a new "house " and garden to "redo" There were three of them they all sold. We built this to be our last house.......we are staying. My heart is singing!!