Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hammock Humor

Perusing last night, above.  Laughter, amusement, delighted arrogance Puppet Barbuda style.  In reality the hammocks I see are hanging from rusted metal frames, in landscapes devoid of charm, a bare patch of earth below with weeds spreading from the muck, no fringe, a mildew factory, on view from windows inside the home, with not a table in sight for a book & glass of wine, and every mosquito from miles around just waiting for you to alight to gorge on your blood and give you the disease of the day.
Garden & Be Well,    XO Tara
Pic from Janelle McCulloch, & thank you for picturing the answer, "What were they thinking?"


Lori Buff said...

We use a tree stump as a table next to the hammock. You have to have one for a book and a drink to alight.

The Charm House said...

Just Wonderful!!!!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

We have the trees to hang a hammock but just don't have the hammock yet. With the drought from last year which is still lingering we'll have to plant some grass and hopefully it will grow before we get to sleep under the trees! Hope your day has been a good one.
Maura :)

Janelle McCulloch said...

Hi Tara,
Thank you for linking to my blog. So lovely of you.
I loved this hammock too. It was even lovelier in real life. The owner, Rhea White, had brought out an antique pot stand and a crystal jug of water with cut lemons in it. So simple and yet so inviting...
Janelle McCulloch