Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lunch In The Conservatory

Friends for over a decade, we've kept up for too many years via ambient community, aka mutual friends & social media.
 We had lunch in my Conservatory yesterday.  Each of us brought to tears several times during meandering conversation.  Happy tears.  Tears of knowing.  Tears of bearing witness.
 Mostly laughter.  And buzzing with energy.
Grace comes unbidden, and by nurture.  Yes, you want a Conservatory in your landscape.
Garden & Be Well,            XO Tara
Smallest Conservatory footprint, if you have a choice, is 12' x 18'.


Bruce Barone said...


Hartwood Roses said...

Your conservatory is so inspiring. I love how you use it and ENJOY it! The decor? (swoon)

Cyndia said...

Funny, I was just starting to work on the plans for my own conservatory again. You have inspired me to push on! The hint about size was also helpful. I am aiming for 12' x 20'.
BTW, a question from a past post. You mentioned painting gutters to give them a copper look. Are you painting metal or vinyl I don't want to use vinyl if possible, and what sheen/formula do you use?

penelopebianchi said...

emailing and (I barely know how to do Facebook......I think it is a mistake to be on it......and neglect it! You tell me, Tara! We share the same values!

Love your meeting with your friend. Email is so "toneless"; same with every other internet thing....except blogs.

I am giving blogs a big fat "hall pass!" There is a tone of voice...there is support and even stuff we cry about!

so there you go!

Just my opinion! and I always have one!


ps I have to send you pics of these steps......LOVE yours, we are so on the same page. who knew?

ohara said...

Awesome ! I Love it .Nice to see the garden. It is inspiring me to maintain my own garden.