Thursday, August 4, 2011

How To Use High Density vs. Low Density

CONTRAST is Landscape Design's potent tool. 
 Penelope Bianchi is the QUEEN OF CONTRAST.  Above, a high density garden room.  Lots of 'things'.  Do you know how wicked hard it is to stage a lot of 'things'?
Because Penelope is, indeed, QUEEN OF CONTRAST, another garden room, above, is low density.
Each picture a masters class in Landscape Design.
How to use high density vs. low density? Contrast them.
Garden & Be Well,          XO Tara
Pics via Velvet & Linen of Penelope's garden.  The garden is only 15 years old, yes, you may want to look again.  And, it's for sale.  Can you imagine the excitement & ideas swirling in Penelope's mind about her new garden.
High density vs. low density isn't only a Landscape Design tool.  Landscapes with high & low density have the greatest pollinator habitat.  


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

both are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you!!!

BTW; funny thing! That black thing on the back of the chair is a fake crow! (from Halloween)! We had these awful crows who killed baby chicks and baby birds and horrifically noisy! (I love almost all animals). My friend from Montana said....."just shoot one and nail it to the gate!" Visions of the SWAT team arresting me; I hung two fake ones upside down! POOF!
Not one crow ever since!

Anonymous said...

I am happy to be the "queen" of anything! thank you !!!

Anonymous said...

good grief! Is that why we have so many bees?

I had no idea!! See how good you are at explaining things!!

We have bees everywhere......and hummingbirds (I did do that on a book about hummingbirds and what they liked) but pollinators?

Wow! You have impressed me about me!

The best is that my stepfather when I was 9 (my father died when I was 4) was a" landscape architect"

(I had never heard of such a thing.....he graduated from Princeton) lived in California...Pasadena.

He just had the "eye" and the "passion" and he explained everything to me....from 9 to 13. He could explain like you do!

He died when I was 13; and I hope he read your description today from "up there". I am now 64 and I did listen to every word he said! I really didn't know I knew anything about landscape design. You make me feel like I do! Thank you!
I did learn it all from him! Wasn't I lucky?!!!!

Lydia said...

Ah- negative space. Never thought of leather hinges- but I may have the spot for them- If my man doesn't first question my sanity):-

for the love of a house said...

Penelope is an artist... inside of the house and out! Such talent!