Friday, June 17, 2011

Without People & Without Styling

Weaned on cover shots of Smith & Hawken sales catalogues ca. 1980's, and Horticulture magazines of the same era I've never wanted people in my garden shots. Couldn't afford it. (I shouldn't neglect the garden pics in House & Garden magazines of that era too.)My (film) slides, a roll of 36, each had to be beautiful & educational & of use till the end of my days.
Interesting, I KNEW this in my 20's.
Without awareness, at the time, I only shot gardens WITHOUT STYLING. Who wants a garden needing a stylist to look good?
A picture, above, (not needing a stylist) I made in Italy, originally a slide, then a print, now a digital pic of the print made from the slide.
Seek a garden without styling. It will be a garden of truth.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

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Anonymous said...

Nice clean lines & good strong structure. That garden has good bones.
I'm with you on the styling, If it needs needs a designer!