Thursday, May 5, 2011

How To Hang Pictures

Hung by the artist, R. Scott Coleman, & his wife Kathrine Coleman, below, this art is obviously arranged. But it doesn't look 'arranged'. And the table, custom built for the Conservatory, is arranged subtly with smaller pieces of R. Scott Coleman's art. Placed in the Conservatory, below, for a garden tour it's
going to be missed once it's all packed up and taken away.
Imagine the walls, above & top pic, without the pictures. Not good, feels like 'life' is taken away.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Pics taken by Kathrine Coleman. I wonder how many pieces of art the garden owner bought!! Can't wait to visit this client again. Get my body into their Conservatory, spatially 'feel' it. Garden pics only get me so far. NEED my body in gardens that excite my eyes.


Maria said...

lovely post! Pictures are my alltime fav decoration!

Bruce Barone said...

When I lived in the loft and had an art gallery there as well, I never struggled with hanging art--and I personally had about 40-50 pieces of friend's art on the my walls (and in the gallery space maybe another 20-30) ; I just knew what to do--I can't explain it. I simply saw it. And here, too, in our home. Today is National Prayer Day. Give thanks. I am. For all the blessing my life. For you, my friend. And, tomorrow, my son graduates from Northeastern in Boston. And then on to the music capital of America, Austen (He is a music nut! Like his Dad!), to get his Masters in Structural Engineering. He was just a baby when that first issue of Birch Lane was published. Peace--and art (and love) be with you.

Darla said...

How cozy!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I do love the art....but love the conservatory more. Makes me want one so much!

Lydia said...

Take art away and you take away the life: the spirit place. LOVE the thought.