Monday, April 18, 2011

Trianon Palace Versailles

Petite Trianon, below.I remember well, age 16, walking into the lobby, below, of the Trianon Palace hotel.
Our room had 2 walls of French doors opening onto gardens, below.
In that room I lost my
retainer. Carried away on the breakfast tray by room service.
There was a wedding the first nite. I felt like 'Sabrina' watching the party from a tree. A band & singer sounding like Sinatra.
Earlier in the day touring Versailles. The Hall of Mirrors belonged to my mother & me, no one else there. Workman recreating carved mouldings and gilding them in some of the rooms. I was able to talk with them, touch what they were doing.
Then the gardens.
There is only 1 picture of me in my home on display. It's here, in my office, I am standing in the garden at Versailles.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Top pic from Habitually Chic. Alas, I never saw the Petite Trianon. Other pics from Trianon Palace Versailles.
In the garden at Versailles my mother found a place to sit. I spent hours alone, wandering the gardens. A harbinger of my favorite way to tour a garden. That day I knew something was 'wrong' with my mother. The gardens electrified me. Mother sat, bored (or happy to be rid of me while I wandered). There was no discussion of the gardens between us. I had no vocabulary to speak of gardens. Nor did I perceive it was acceptable to like the garden so much. I was silenced. That didn't last.


NellJean said...

An epiphany, like Einstein when he received a compass.

Jeanne said...

Sounds wonderful the top photo too!

Jeanne xx

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Tara I LOVED Versailles and the hall of mirrors. More the gardens than the palace and the beautiful fountains while they ran. did you walk down the alley of trees? I especially love the village of Versailles...I hope you were able to walk around a bit and visit the shops especially the pastry shops and the market. Now I wish my sister and I could have walked around and looked at gardens in the village. Oh well..maybe next time.
Maura :)