Friday, April 22, 2011

Landscape Design: Copy

Tea Olive Terrace, below, yesterday morning, pic taken from my upstairs office window.
Why shouldn't I copy what I loved while studying landscapes in Italy? Copy, it's a rule of Landscape Design.
No money & no time are no match for DESIRE. (Tea Olive Terrace, aka side-yard, abuts the street. Private, gorgeous, emotionally enthralling EVERYDAY.)
English Daisy's blooming, annual blue ageratum will bloom late summer, rudbeckia fulgida x fulgida, yellow, bloom now till Christmas.
In Italy, above, this week. Nothing I don't have in a 'working class' cluster home subdivision in USA.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Bottom pic from Paul Gervais in Italy. Enjoy his blog, I do !.


Paul Gervais de Bédée said...

My two cats are called tea and Olive!

Bruce Barone said...

Beautiful. And thanks for the introduction to Paul!

Anonymous said...

Love the look of plants seemingly planting themselves random among pathway stones.

bee blessed

Babs said...

Gorgeous! I'd never get any work done if that view was from my office window.
Love it!

Lydia said...

What a glorious place to work.

Jeanne said...

Great pictures the garden view. I am in pot love mode at the moment...specifically urns. I am on the lookout for the perfect ones. You always have great ideas here...

Many thanks for your very thoughtful comment on my last post, much appreciated!

Best wishes for a Happy Easter.

Jeanne xx

Barbara said...

Have a beautiful Easter, Tara.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Omigosh how lucky I am t have found you! I think...Brooke??

Many good things come from her......I would never have a website or a blog......without Brooke

You are such a discovery.......I struck GOLD!! here!

I adore your landscapes.......I adore your philosophy....and every single is what a learned as a child......from my stepfather! My Daddie died when I was 4; my mother married the most wonderful man when I was 9. He was a "landscape architect.....(in 1956 inPasadena;California.......hardly any such thing!)

He "invented" the "black" pool. Our swimming pool had black plaster .......everyone, no no. So he hired someone who said....."I can do it!"
(the story of my life as a decorator) I learned!

He was such a brilliant landscape designer.......he taught me early about the villages in Europe that were unspoiled.....were the ones who did not have the money ruin ...."Your circle of poverty"!

It so resonated with me......
We had the first gravel driveway anyone had ever seen! In San Marino! (California next to Pasadena) It was asphault......and when it was wet......decomposed granite sharp gravel (used for roofing at the time) was dumped and sort of ground it....lots left on top. This was totally revolutionary in 1956! All asphalt and hardscape driveways Honestly!

He was a gifted and wonderful teacher! I think you might like some of these pictures I have......

I will do a blog post on him. I think he will see it from heaven! I owe so much to him!!!!

I LOVE your blog!

I get choked up when you say the exact same things I heard 50 years ago! What a delightful thing!!