Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good Looking, And Free, Support

Why buy plant stakes?Sticks are
more attractive & FREE.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
No sticks? Pilfer what your neighbors put out at the street. I do.
Pics from Rob's garden, Au Coeur du Jardin, in France.
Puppet Barbuda KNOWS no one reading this has ugly plant supports (costing real $$$) with green plastic ties (costing more $$$). Once, shopping at the Handy Ace Hardware in Tucker, GA I hit the brown twine/jute lottery. As they stocked shelves with product from China its jute twine was tossed aside as trash. Puppet Barbuda was quickly on her knees, gathering her treasure.


Lisa said...

Bravo Tara!
A master gardener & good friend in Austin Texas who is now quite the NY event planner taught me years ago what a simple & naturally beautiful solution this can be!
He actually showed me how to do a mini version of what you show here for a border in my garden.
Funny how that was the most relaxing & rewarding gardening experience I have had in a long time!
Thank you for reminding me.
xo Lisa

Desert Dweller said...

Puppet Barbuda was upcycling, recycling and green before those became buzzwords - and she has money left over for good things and good food, because she has priorities!

Often the best things are "hand me downs". Something about one person's junk is another's treasure.

A classmate in college - interior design major - got much of her apartment decor from the dumpster and fixed it up! Her place blew away others' places.

{the hort couture gardener} said...

I'm an upcycling devotee. I find it so much more rewarding to salvage an 'ugly duckling' and turn it into a 'beautiful swan'. I love taking my green waste to the tip as I can scrummage through the Buy Back Centre on my way out - I think my husband cringes each time I head of with a boot load of vegetation knowing that I'll come home with some new 'treasures'! So much more individual than store-bought!

Anonymous said...

EWWWW!! bright green plastic ties......EWWWW!! bright green hoses! Yikes! New resource for moss colored hoses......(I have searched for decades!!!)

I will share!!