Monday, April 11, 2011

Butterflies, Gravel, Fresh Poop

Butterflies, oddly, adore gravel after a rain. Gathering nutrients & moisture.Butterflies adore fresh poop. Again, gathering moisture & minerals.
Brooke at Velvet & Linen put a potager in her frontyard, above. She also acquired some chickens.
Increased pollination, the circle of life.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
What good is increased pollination? Increased food production/acre.


Babs said...

"Butterflies adore fresh poop." Now that's a bit of information I'll bet not many folks know. LOL

Hoynotmanana said...

I love to see butterflies in the garden, just planted a few Salvia's today to attract more. If you get a chance check out my plant room post! Although it's not a true conservatory I too share your fascination with them and it's my take on a wonderful thing. :D Keep up the great posts!

Ewa said...

Maybe we also should follow that butterfly example instead of buying artificial vitamins, which don't helps us too much :)
I adore the photo - this is something I'd love to welcome in my own garden...