Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Building Your Garden Room: 10 Steps

Think, cha-ching, this isn't for you? Poppets, PUPPET BARBUDA will not let you off easy. That measly excuse of no money? HOW TO build your new GARDEN ROOM:
1. Make decision to build a GARDEN ROOM. (Odd, this is the most important step)
2. Get envelope, label it, GARDEN ROOM. (Leftover paper money 2-3/week goes here.)
3. Tell all your friends, "I'm building a GARDEN ROOM."
4. Look at everything in your path with RESCUE eyes.
5. Bring it home. Old fencing, stone, brick, concrete, wood, house parts.
6. Get paint from the rejects at hardware store.
7. Accessorize from thrift store & sale items: TJMAXX, Marshall's, Ross.
8. Pots/urns from garage sales, big box store sales.
9. Put the right man in your project. (Alas, difficult.)
10. Hire man, & the same day, invite girlfriends to your Garden Tea Party.
Take step #1 and your GARDEN ROOM will appear.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Charlotte Moss, pic, above. OMG, wonderful, & doable! This pic has come across my path at least a zillion times.


g.suzie said...

You make my day, love a landscape artist with a sense of humor and 'mad' skills!
Garden and be well, Sue

Lori Buff said...

I love the idea of using rescued and thrift store items to make the garden room, it just seems right aesthetically and environmentally.

La Maison Fou said...

I have never loved an outdoor room as much as C.M.'s........ (do luv yours as well)!
I am vowing to do this..starting now and the tips, I could not agree more!

Shirley said...

Tara, I love this post!! Great room in the accompanying photo!

Cher' Shots said...

I'm halfway there -I've been collecting. Hoping to make it all come true next summer. Love your room. You're a great inspiration.

Jeanne said...

Wow...what a garden room! a la Charlotte Moss??
I like your is right up my alley!!

Jeanne :))

Terry said...

Bill said, "The jumping is hard; but the falling is easy."

Anonymous said...

Tara, I have had that Charlotte Moss pic on my inspiration wall for at least a decade!! It is fabulous.